Over 400,000 people descend on to Brighton & Hove every year for one of the Worlds greatest street carnivals to celebrate Pride. This represents a great opportunity for local residents to rent out their homes and earn some extra ££!

Airsorted works with all the major online holiday lettings companies like Airbnb,  HomeAway and Bookings.com to ensure that you get the absolute best price for your home without any of the hassle. We take care of photos, cleaners, key drops and anything else you can think of so that you can get on with enjoying your extra income.

Our team also heavily vet everyone that stays, making sure that your home will be safe and well looked after.

Brighton Pride is a great time to let out your home and you can expect to get prices up to 3 times their normal asking price. If you fancy a holiday, or need to conduct some essential home repairs, this is a great way to make that happen, easily and quickly.  

  • A 1 bedroom flat with an additional sofa bed an normally earn roughly £65-£120 per night. Over Pride weekend, this could reach over £250, earning you £750+!
  • A 2 bedroom flat sleeping 4 could earn you over £1,000
  • Anything over this and you could be looking at anything up to and beyond £3,000!
  • Try our rental calculator below to see how much you could make!  

We wish you a happy and safe Pride Festival 2018!

Airsorted is now based in cities all over the world and helps people unlock the value in their home without the hassle – check out our rental calculator below to see how much you could earn!    

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