Airbnb vs. Long-Lets: Three surprising benefits of holiday-lets for landlords

Airbnb is making life easier for Australian landlords by increasing yields, reducing wear and tear, and eliminating lengthy tenant disputes.

Increased Revenues

Here’s the problem for Australian landlords in 2019:

  1. The housing market hasn’t been this slow since 2007, when Fergie ruled the airwaves and South Africa were rugby champions.
  2. In some cities, there are more homes available than there are tenants willing to live in them.
  3. The weakening economy is forcing many renters away from high-end rentals towards the ‘bread-and-butter’ housing stock.

Supply is up and demand is down.

The consequence?

Either face long empty periods with no revenue coming in, or drastically drop the rent.

There is another option. Australian Airbnb hosts are reporting an average occupancy of 75 – 85% year round, with summer pushing that figure as high as 95%!

These Airbnb guests are not the stereotypical backpackers or “party-fiends”, but families, business professionals, and frequent travellers sick of paying exorbitant hotel fees.

Property owners looking to sell can incorporate the flexibility of Airbnb (more on this shortly) into their tenancy. For example, they could make every Monday unavailable on Airbnb, allowing agents to show prospective buyers around the property, whilst keeping the rest of the week open for guests to book.

Airsorted Lets Airbnb Long Lets
Airsorted can help you maximise occupancy using a mix of traditional and short-lets

Damage – Peace of Mind

It happens all too frequently with long-lets – a tenant ends their lease and leaves the property, only for you to discover stained carpets and a broken balcony door. It’s then up to you to fight the tenant and the residential authority to claim the deposit, often taking months. Even if you recover the entirety of the deposit it’s often not enough. 

But with Airbnb, your property is immediately checked over after every single guest.

In the unlikely event of damage, Airbnb’s Resolution Centre is the simple, quick, and easy way to claim compensation.

  1. Submit pictures of your claim.
  2. Airbnb seeks your guest’s opinion.
  3. A decision is made by Airbnb

The process is fair and transparent for hosts and guests. Most cases are resolved within one working week, and the maximum claim is $1 million USD.

Bonus Tip: Contrary to popular belief, wear and tear is much reduced with Airbnb. Your guests are generally out all day, and they won’t be moving furniture in, out, or about!

cleaner airbnb airsorted holiday long lets
Your cleaner can help check your property for damages between guest stays

Flexible Letting – It’s Your Home

Letting your property out with a traditional tenancy is as good as surrendering your home for a year.

But life moves quickly these days.

Circumstances changed? Celebrating a gathering this year? In-laws visiting…?

With Airbnb, you can block your calendar to guests at the touch of a button. All guest reservations can also be cancelled – though beware, small penalties can apply.

Move back in. Put your friends and family up in a flat, not your spare room. Take back control of your own home, whenever you need it.

airsorted airbnb holiday lets long
With Airbnb, you can make use of your property whenever you please

Like the sound of Airbnb but unsure how to get started? Airsorted can build your listing, market your flat, and manage your bookings. To find out how much your property could be earning, head to our Pricing Calculator now.

Four easy (and affordable!) tips to improve your Airbnb

Hosting a great guest experience at your Airbnb requires more than the bare necessities – although those are important!

It’s about creating a comfortable and enjoyable stay for your guests. The best way to achieve this is by supplying the right equipment and spending a little bit of time on the decoration.

Putting in some effort pays off big-time

Increase your revenue
Each potential guest spends – on average – five seconds looking at a listing. Great photos showing off a thoughtfully decorated and inviting space make your home much more likely to get bookings. And it comes as no surprise that more bookings = more revenue!

Higher return on investment
The better the amenities and feel of your property, the higher you can charge for nightly rates. Although equipping an Airbnb does require a little more effort than a long term rental, it really does pay off in the long run. Once you build up those reviews, you can charge a higher nightly rate, as guests feel satisfied they can expect comfort when booking your property. 

Fewer issues
Airbnbs are like interviews – first impressions matter. Get it right, and there will be less issues to follow. The short-term rental market values uniqueness, comfort and ease. Whilst location is key, value can be indefinitely increased by appropriate and conscious decorating.

Airsorted Airbnb Management Tips
Alexander’s Farringdon flat makes great use of little touches


Your property is your business. You need to remain competitive in a saturated market. There are thousands of active Airbnb listings at any given time. Don’t forget the other online platforms too, such as and Expedia, or the traditional hotels and B&Bs.

People choose Airbnbs over hotels not just because its easy, but also for the personality and uniqueness of the property. They want to feel at home. If they wanted to stay in a blank space they would have booked a hotel!

Creating a home

There are four main rules to keep in mind when outfitting your property. 

  • Texture
    A shaggy rug or a velvet couch can add texture to an otherwise plain room. You can also add pillows and throws over beds and sofas to create a comfortable and luxurious space.

  • Colour
    Add a deliberate splash of colour. Less is more, but bold is better. A yellow armchair or an orange table can do the trick. A good starting point in an empty space is wall art – a cheap canvas from Ikea or K-Mart will do just fine! Abstract art makes it much easier to tie the room together, and will fit well in any property.
Airsorted Airbnb Management Tips
A splash of colour can make all the difference
  • Layers
    A rug can really tie a room together. It also works to cover any imperfections if you cannot put in new carpets. Drape a nice throw over the sofa – it will double up as a blanket in winter time.

  • Finishing touches
    The main difference from an average Airbnb and a top performing property are the finishing touches. This doesn’t mean spending lots of money on a bottle of wine for each and every guest! Consider a vibrant plant, a well placed side table, or even just a nice diffuser instead of an unsightly air-freshener.

Airsorted Airbnb Management Tips
Plants can add colour and life to rooms

Let’s face it – not everyone has time to sort out decor themselves. If you’re running short on time yourself then check out this post about the best interior design companies around.


Of course, decorating isn’t the only way to maximise your earnings. A host management service like Airsorted doesn’t just take the hassle out of hosting – we also help hosts earn more by optimising pricing and listings, making use of varied letting lengths and multiple booking platforms, and always delivering a personable and professional experience to each and every guest that stays at a property. 

If you’d like to find out more about Airsorted and what we offer, head over to our main site now and use our price calculator to find out how much you could be earning from your property.

Through the Keyhole: 10 Questions with 3 Airsorted Employees

As a service that works closely with many different people, from hosts to housekeepers to handymen and guests, there’s always a lot going on behind the scenes at Airsorted.

We caught up with three team members – Karl from Guest Experience, Jenn from Supplier Management and Sophie from Client Success – to find out more about them and what their working day looks like in the world’s largest host management business.

Karl Frewer, Guest Experience Executive

Describe yourself in three words.

Confident, outgoing, fun.

What do you do at Airsorted?

My role is to ensure that guests have a safe, easy experience when they stay at one of our hosts’ properties. This can include check-ins, issues with amenities in properties, or just sharing suggestions for fun activities to do in the local area: restaurants, local attractions, and a few hidden gems.

What’s the one thing hosts should know about your role?

We always have the interests of our hosts in mind. Guest experience is the name of our team, but really our role sits between our hosts and their guests. For example, there are some occasions when a guest will ask about something that would improve their stay, but we’ll always consider whether something could affect a property or a host negatively in future before saying yes.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

There’s a genuine satisfaction in actually helping people. I once had someone call us in tears on the phone to me because they were tired after travelling, their phone was about to die, and they were having trouble finding the lockbox to a property. It was an easy problem to fix, but I could hear the relief in her voice once she was in the property – such a great feeling!

And the hardest part?  

One of the hardest parts is communication. It’s true that guests can sometimes be difficult, but that’s part of the job. If I’d just arrived somewhere after 24 hours of travelling and the hot water wasn’t working or something, I’d be annoyed too! It’s understandable that people are upset sometimes, but making sure we communicate in the right way can solve a lot of these issues quickly.  It’s something we’re pretty good at too, and that’s amazing – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

What’s your hidden talent?

I did acting for a long time, so I’d say performance. It’s because of this that I really enjoy speaking in front of people and meeting new people, I think.

What do you look for in a property when you’re booking as a guest?

Personally, I’m the sort of person who, when I’m booking somewhere, I’m booking somewhere to sleep. I’ll be out most of the day exploring, so as long as the place is clean I’m happy!

What’s your top tip for hosts to get the most from Airsorted?

Generally, we try not to get in contact with hosts unless it’s absolutely necessary – we don’t want to waste people’s time. But if we do get in contact, it means it’s probably pretty important or urgent.

I’d advise hosts to do their best to respond quickly when we do get in touch. And if you take a few extra minutes to fill out your preferences in the host dashboard, that will mean we won’t need to contact you about anything unless it’s important. Doing that makes such a big difference in how effectively we can support your guests!  

What’s been your favourite moment at Airsorted so far?

Ah there was this one really nice review that a guest left. It was shared internally with the rest of the business on Slack, which was really nice as I got to enjoy a bit of recognition from both the guest and the team!

If you didn’t work at Airsorted, what would you be doing right now?

I’d probably be repairing and selling watches. I was repairing watches for a year or two before I started at Airsorted – I liked that it was customer-facing. Come to think of it, that’s what I really like about Airsorted too!

Jenn Ulloa, Senior Housekeeping Supply Analyst

Describe yourself in three words.

Energetic, positive, quick.

What do you do at Airsorted?

I look after the housekeepers. I make sure that they’re trained well, they have everything they need to complete their cleans effectively, and that we have enough housekeepers to meet the demand for cleans, all year round.

What’s the one thing hosts should know about your role?

We spend a lot of time coaching housekeepers. We’re constantly speaking to them before, during and after their cleans, in order to help them do the best job possible. So support and training definitely aren’t lacking when it comes to Airsorted’s housekeeping!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Engaging with the housekeepers. Getting to meet them in person, learn what makes them tick outside of their job, and maintaining good relationships with them over time.

And the hardest part?  

Managing the schedules over 200 cleaners in London alone! It’s difficult, but we have a great team – so we always pull it off.

What’s your hidden talent?

Tap dancing! I used to do tap, jazz and ballet in my past life.  

What do you look for in a property when you’re booking as a guest?

Cosiness: a place that looks welcoming and doesn’t feel too sterile. I like quirkiness too – interesting books or paintings, something that shows a bit of the host’s personality and makes the property feel more human.

What’s your top tip for hosts to get the most from Airsorted?

It can be easy to forget that housekeepers will be visiting your property between each guest. As a host, it’s really important that after you’ve been staying in a property yourself, you make sure that it is suitably restocked with everything the housekeepers need to do their jobs brilliantly.

What’s been your favourite moment at Airsorted so far?

Sometimes the housekeepers that I coach will come into the office, or I’ll run into them in London – I love that! They’ll give me a hug sometimes; it’s like they’re my buddies!

If you didn’t work at Airsorted, what would you be doing right now?

I’d be working with refugees and migrants – I have a heart for humanitarian aid, and I’ve done a lot of volunteering at refugee camps which was really eye-opening. Sad to see in person, but interesting too.  

Sophie Robinson, Client Success Executive

Describe yourself in three words.

Happy, friendly, kind.

What do you do at Airsorted?

I’m the point of contact for my hosts and I’m responsible for looking after their properties when they’re being rented out. I keep a watchful eye on the condition of properties, make sure they’re performing well, and I’m available to answer any questions my hosts have.

What the one thing hosts should’s know about your role?

We want what’s best for you! Airsorted earns from commission, so it’s in our interests to make sure you are looked after and your property is earning you money. We only succeed when our hosts do.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

Going and meeting people at their properties – I love building good relationships with my hosts and finding out all the unique things about their properties. Face to face is my favourite way to get to know my hosts properly.

And the hardest part?

The hardest part is speaking to a host if something hasn’t gone quite right. The reality with hosting, and host management in general, is that there are lots of people involved: guests, housekeepers, guest support, maintenance people, hosts and more. As with other parts of the hospitality industry, like restaurants for example, no matter how well you prepare there’s always a chance that human error can occur. Dealing with these unexpected issues can be a real challenge, but it’s also so rewarding when an issue is resolved satisfyingly for everyone involved.

What’s your hidden talent?

I do life drawing! I’m just really good at drawing naked bodies. I don’t know why.

What do you look for in a property when you’re booking as a guest?

I see an Airbnb as a home away from home, so you can really get a feel for what it’s like to live somewhere else for a couple of nights. I look for good decor – to me, that’s somewhere that is a bit quirky with cool art, nice furniture… A nice environment to spend time in. A bit of an aspirational feel too, perhaps!

What’s your top tip for hosts to help them get the most from Airsorted?

Trust the service. We look after peoples’ property, something that’s both very valuable and very personal, every single day – and we really do have your best interests at heart. It’s important to us that you feel confident with us looking after your property.

What’s been your favourite moment at Airsorted so far?

I think my favourite moment is ‘Superhost Day’. This comes about once every three months, and it’s when Airbnb send emails to let us know which of our hosts have become Superhosts. I get to email lots of hosts and let them know the good news, that they’ve become Superhosts!

If you didn’t work at Airsorted, what would be doing right now?

I’d be travelling every continent of the world, having a good old adventure!

Meet the travelling Consultant: Vicent Rico

With offices now in 26 cities around the world, we love hearing when hosts hear about Airsorted before launching in a new city! This week, we introduce you to Vicent Rico, the travelling consultant, who heard about Airsorted last year when he spotted our advertisement on the London underground, whilst communicating into work. The timing was perfect as this coincided with our expansion to Spain and as a result, Vicent was one of the first hosts to join our awesome hosts in Madrid!

‘When I moved back to Spain three years ago, I knew somehow that my future was going to be in Madrid, so I decided to stop wasting money on renting and buy a property instead’.

As a first time buyer and international businessman, Vicent is now letting his one-bedroom apartment in Madrid’s popular Malasaña area whilst he travels for work as an IT consultant around Europe, Latin America and the Middle East!

‘I like that people can enjoy my property while I’m away. I didn’t want my apartment to sit empty when away on business trips so I thought, why not offer it up to guests.’

Vicent had heard about companies handling property management for short-term lets and looked into what they could help with when he saw the   London. As an avid Airbnb user as a guest, Vicent was confident with how everything worked on the platform, however, he knew there was no way he could manage hosting himself while away.

‘When I’m away I have access to my Airsorted ‘dashboard’, which is really intuitive. Here I can still see my calendar and bookings, and I’m kept up to date with everything that’s going on.’

Although Vicent loves to travel with his job, he’s always happy when he returns home and gets to spend time in Madrid which is a very special city for him. ‘Even though it’s one of the largest cities in Europe, Madrid has not lost the essence and traditions that its neighbourhoods and bars have. I love coming back to this.’

With the money Vicent makes through hosting, he pays his mortgage and reinvests in the property by upgrading the flat bit by bit. This is his first property and still the place he calls home, so he wants to optimise it and continuously make improvements.

Why summer is every Airbnb host in Lisbon’s favourite season

To kick this off, here’s a pretty impressive statistic that shows the sheer appeal of Lisbon’s summer season for visitors – about 50% of visitors to Lisbon come between June and September.

As with every city that Airbnb operates in (which, by the way, is almost every city on earth), peak tourist seasons mean a surge in demand for accommodation, and that means hosts are able to charge higher nightly rates than usual.

It’s important that Lisbon property owners looking to make the most of short-rental demand over summer are well prepared.

New hosts will want to make sure they’re up and running a few months beforehand, so they have time to get a few good reviews on their listing before peak season commences.

But what will really help all hosts in Lisbon get the most value from the summer months, whether they’re new or established, is knowing those key peaks which bring in tourists and drive up nightly rates.

The Airsorted Lisbon team has put their heads together to share the big events this summer that will drive Airbnb demand – here they are:

Festas de Lisboa: June 1st-30th

Throughout June, Lisbon and much of Portugal gets into a festive mood for the Festas de Lisboa, which attracts tens of thousands of tourists to the capital.   

The festival is a proper bonanza of cultural treats – one of those rare but wonderful festivals that’s fully embraced by locals and tourists alike.   

Taking place through the city’s sunny streets, but especially in the historic districts in the centre, the festival has religious origins but has now evolved to take on a cultural significance all of its own. It celebrates and highlights a range of Lisbon’s proudest achievements in literature, science, sport, cinema, cuisine and much more.

The cultural crescendo reaches its peak during a parade through Lisbon’s famous Avenida de Liberdade over the 12th and 13th of June. During this, different areas of the city show off their local talents with dancers, musicians and artists competing to earn a crown for their bairro.

Lisbon foodie treats – especially those famous sardines – and the free-flowing red wine complete what has to be one of the most memorable nights of the year for those who’ve travelled to be there.

As a resident in Lisbon, however, you’d be forgiven for craving a little peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city during this time, at least once in a while… If you are planning on escaping the city in June, letting your home out on a short-term basis for this month provides visiting tourists with a unique opportunity to live like real lisboetas – plus, the phenomenal demand surge means Lisbon hosts earn an average of 60% more during June than in other months.

NOS Alive ‘19: July 11th-13th

Taking place on the gorgeous Oeiras Coast to the West of Lisbon,  the 60,000+ people attending this year’s NOS Alive Festival will get the chance to see big name acts including Bon Iver, The Cure, and Vampire Weekend.

The festival also features a range of local and Portuguese-language acts, which revellers can enjoy while lapping up the Portuguese summer sun. There’s little wonder the festival regularly features in top 10 lists of European music festivals.

With the picturesque scenery of the Oeiras Coast just a 10-minute train ride from the delights of central Lisbon, NOS Alive is good news for Airbnb hosts in Lisbon too. They can expect the demand for accommodation in Lisbon to double over the festival weekend.

Super Bock Super Rock ‘19: 18th-20th of July

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Super Bock Super Rock has grown into one of Portugal’s biggest and most-loved festivals.  

Although it started out in 1994 as a rock music festival, these days Super Bock Super Rock embraces a wide range of musical genres from local acts to, this year, the likes of Migos, Lana Del Ray and Disclosure.

The festival has relocated multiple times – this year it’s an hour’s bus ride South of Lisbon near Meco Beach. This makes Super Bock Super Rock ideal for tourists to plan a pre- or post-festival cultural stop in Lisbon, or for those less keen on camping to book accommodation in the capital as a calm retreat from the excitement of the festival.  As a result, Lisbon hosts can expect another double demand surge for short-stay accommodation over the festival weekend, with a lesser (but still substantial) increase in demand in the days leading up to and immediately after the festival. 

Airbnb demand in Lisbon:
3 summer peaks

  • Festas de Lisboa
    When: June.
    Why: As a result of the month-long festivities, Lisbon hosts can earn 60% more on average during June.

  • NOS Alive
    When: 11-13 July.
    Why: This sun-soaked festival in Oeiras is expected to attract over 60,000 attendees, doubling demand for Airbnb accommodation over the weekend. 
  • Super Bock Super Rock
    When: 18-20 July.
    Why: 2019’s the 25th anniversary of the rock festival. Just a short train ride from Lisbon, it’s ideal for tourists to visit the capital. Airbnb demand will increase before and after the festival, doubling on the weekend itself.

So it’s clear that there’s plenty of accommodation demand in Lisbon over the summer to make hosting in the city seem tempting. But we know it can seem a hassle – especially if you’re new to the short-stay renting world.

We’re here to help. With Airsorted, we’ll manage your rental property for you – taking away all the hassle with 24hr guest support, rental and laundry of hotel quality linen, managing guest check-ins, and reliable communication with hosts to keep them up to date with bookings and earnings.

We really recommend that those considering becoming hosts for the first time this summer get their properties listed on Airbnb as soon as possible, to make sure they’re prepared in advance. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

The first step is to use the pricing calculator on our website to find out how much you could potentially be earning – you might be surprised!

How to Choose the Perfect Airbnb Investment Property for You

In recent years, Airbnb rentals have quickly become a popular choice for tourists and vacationers looking for temporary lodging. Due to this strong demand, vacation rentals have become an attractive option for real estate investors. We’re not surprised to see more and more investors turning to short-term rentals as the returns they can offer are robust!

If you too want to enjoy the financial benefits of owning an Airbnb investment property, then keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect property for you.

1. Pick Your Location

As with any investment property, location is the most important factor when selecting your perfect short-term rental. Locations with tourist attractions such as beaches, mountains, or a national park are typically desirable for Airbnb real estate investing. However, it’s important to take seasonality into account when picking the best place to buy an Airbnb investment property. You don’t want to own a short-term rental which sits empty and does not generate any income during the low season – it’ll cost you more money than it will earn you.

We recommend investing in locations where tourists and other visitors are present year-round. Such areas will have a consistent yet strong demand for Airbnb rental properties. Additionally, you want to make sure that the location has less supply in the form of hotels or other short-term rentals. This will assure that your rental will enjoy a high Airbnb occupancy rate. Naturally, Miami and San Diego are two of the best locations for buying an Airbnb investment property in 2019 because of the high demand. Following are some important figures on these two locations according to data from Mashvisor, a real estate data analytics company.

#1 Miami, FL

  • Median Property Price: $567,000
  • Airbnb Rental Income: $3,390
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rate: 56.5%
  • Cash on Cash Return: 2.7%

#2 San Diego, CA

  • Median Property Price: $739,800
  • Airbnb Rental Income: $3,760
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rate: 58.5%
  • Cash on Cash Return: 2.4%

2. Beware Short-Term Rentals Regulations  

Before buying a property to rent out on Airbnb in any location, real estate investors must check the laws and regulations regarding short-term rentals there. For one thing, some cities ban Airbnb rentals. Others allow you to rent out on Airbnb only if you’re the primary resident of the property. As a property investor, you may face legal issues if you choose to buy an Airbnb investment property in these cities. So, when you’re looking for the best Airbnb property, make sure it’s located in an Airbnb-friendly area where laws and regulations are not likely to affect your return on investment.

3. Investment Property Type

The best type of property to buy and rent out on Airbnb is the one that makes you the most money. However, this largely depends on the location, as well as the type of Airbnb guests you’re targeting. For example, if you’re interested in owning an Airbnb investment property to rent out to solo travelers or couples, then a condo or an apartment located in the city center is your best option. On the other hand, if you prefer to rent out to families or big groups of friends, it’s best to go with vacation homes or beach houses.

4. Check Your Budget and Expenses

Every rental property comes with costs and expenses that will affect your return on investment. While short-term rentals can definitely be profitable, they can also cost more. So, to find the perfect Airbnb investment property, you need to set a budget and break down your costs carefully. First off, property values are on the higher side, which makes it difficult to cover the higher mortgage payments during the low season. Besides mortgage payments, you need to factor in monthly expenses such as:

  • Property tax
  • Insurance
  • Furniture and utilities
  • Property management fee
  • Cleaning service fee
  • Maintenance fee
  • Vacancy provision

If these monthly expenses exceed your monthly rental income, it becomes easy to start losing money. So, again, the perfect Airbnb property for you is the one that you can afford and that fits in your budget.

5. Airbnb Performance Prediction

With a traditional, long-term rental, you get a fixed return in the form of rent every month. With short-term rentals, however, you’ll need to set a nightly rate and adjust it based on seasonality, special events, neighboring competition, and travel trends. Meaning, Airbnb property investors don’t get a fixed monthly return. This can make buying short-term rentals a risky investment, but you can reduce this risk with the help of Airbnb analytics.

Airbnb analytics helps real estate investors predict future outcomes, thus allowing them to make wise investment decisions with confidence. Essentially, Airbnb analytics provides data that help you analyze the returns and performance of properties based on:

  • Comparable Rental Income
  • Estimated Rental Expenses
  • Cash Flow
  • Cash on Cash Return
  • Cap Rate
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rates

With these 5 things in mind, you’re one step ahead in choosing that perfect Airbnb investment property!

If you’re looking for a profitable Airbnb rental property to buy, check out Mashvisor, a real estate data analytics platform which helps investors find lucrative rental properties in a matter of minutes. You will find readily available data and analysis of hundreds of thousands of properties across the US. Mashvisor turns 3 months of research into 15 minutes. Moreover, as an exclusive offer for readers of the Airsorted blog, you can now enjoy 25% off your first subscription.

Eman Hamed is a Content Writer at Mashvisor. With a focus on market reports, she enjoys researching the state of the real estate market in different cities across the US. Eman also writes about trends, forecasts, and tips for beginner investors to gain the confidence and knowledge they need to make wise decisions.

“While overseas, I needed a trustworthy property management company. Airsorted has done that and more…”

In sunny San Diego, the Airsorted team have been busy launching and meeting local hosts from all walks of life. The city is known for being a relocation haven for people from all over the world. Whether it’s East Coasters escaping their cold winters, traveling nurses looking to work in some of the best hospitals in the US or international travellers looking to take in the SoCal life, San Diego is proudly called home by a multitude of people.

If there’s one group of people in San Diego who particularly appreciate the benefits of Airsorted’s hassle-free host management, it’s the servicemen and women stationed in various prestigious military bases located around the county.

Many military personnel use Airbnb to supplement their income while they’re out on deployment – and one such person in San Diego is Airsorted host Rob.

Originally from New York, Rob was the very first military serviceman to partner with Airsorted, after her was detailed to the USS Stout based in Norfolk, Virginia, for a two year period.

It was the military that had led to Rob’s initial move to San Diego, too. In 2016 he was stationed at Military Base San Diego, known locally as 32nd Street Naval Station – but he was quick to fall in love with the city: “I can proudly say San Diego is the first place I call home besides New York,” he explains.

With Rob’s adoption of San Diego came the responsibility for Airsorted to look after his home in the city with care and respect – along with the aim of helping him earn some extra income to supplement his military career, that would often lead to him spend long stints overseas.

Rob’s Airsorted journey began when searching for a steady full-time renter to rent out his home while on a 7-month deployment. “As I continued to research,” explains Rob, “I found that using Airsorted would be my most beneficial option, both financially and in regards to flexibility. While overseas, I needed a trustworthy property management company. Airsorted has done that and more.”

Initially, Rob had hosted his home on Airbnb, putting time into creating a unique and cozy experience for his guests. However, he found that the most challenging part of hosting was being able to give constant support to guests and guest inquiries, while also fulfilling his professional responsibilities serving overseas.

Fortunately, this was an easy fix when coming onboard with Airsorted. Our Guest Support team is available 24/7 to deal with guest emergencies and new booking inquiries and, thanks to the size and experience of the team, they’re able to do so quicker than either competitors or hosts responding to guests themselves.

In a few months, Rob will be returning home with some extra cash in the bank, and the confidence of knowing Airsorted has been taking good care of his home while he was away. He’ll be able to enjoy his next stint of work locally from Coronado, spending his free time relaxing on Mission Beach and scoring some good eats and drinks in Little Italy.

If you’re considering using Airsorted to help you manage your short-term rental property, here’s Rob’s final word on his decision to partner with us: “Host your home on Airsorted, sit back relax and get paid some extra cash. I have put my full trust into Airsorted and they have exceeded my expectations’.

“When we get off the plane, we return to a lovely clean tidy house with fresh beds made”

Patti and her family own a spacious 3 bedroom bungalow in Perth, just five minutes from the South Perth Foreshore. With Perth Zoo on the same road, the 1940’s Californian-style flat is an absolute dream house for guests with kids.

Every summer, Patti and her family head away for two months to visit family abroad. Airbnb seemed a great option for keeping the house occupied while they were away, so Patti started using the platform to rent out her home, initially managing the listing herself.

“Doing this was very satisfying,” says Patti, “but of course we could only set it up once – and we returned from our trip to a dirty house, which was never fun…”. That’s where Airsorted jumped in – allowing Patti to have multiple guests while she and her family went away. Having Airsorted managing the property also meant Patti no longer had the hassle that can come with managing a property yourself. “With Airsorted as the [guest] contact,” she says, “we don’t have to be available 24/7 to answer queries about the property. The house is cleaned and the linen replaced between guests so that the bookings can keep coming. Plus when we get off the plane, we return to a lovely clean tidy house with fresh beds made.’

Kid’s bedroom in Patti’s home

With Airsorted’s help, Patti and her family now spend the summer months deep in the wilderness on their beautiful boat, away from their phones and the bustle of city life – but with peace of mind, knowing that their home is in safe hands. “It’s very good to be receiving income from our house and not having to deal with the bookings, cleaning and queries as they come up”, Patti explains.

Patti’s and her family’s sailing boat

So what’s next for Patti? She and her family are embarking on a new adventure this year – they’re going to sail around New Zealand’s Southern and Northern Islands for a full six months! And of course, we’ll be here to look after her home and her guests while they’re away.

Front of Patti’s family house

If you’re not from Perth and considering a visit any time soon, Patti has some good recommendations for visitors: The new Optus Stadium sports ground, the Swan River for a nice stroll, rent and cycle a bike along the South Perth foreshore, take a trip on the Hotham Valley Railway, visit the Aviation Heritage Museum, or head to Crown Casino for a show and a meal.

8 inexpensive ways to make guests fall in love with your property

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: happy guests mean happy hosts.

You don’t have to break the bank to get your guests feeling at home. A few small touches can make all the difference to their experience, leading to better guest reviews and higher demand for your property in the future!

There are loads of simple ways to help your guests have an enjoyable stay at your property – but here are 8 of our favourites:

1. Create a phone charging station

We all need our phones more and more, but never quite as much as when we’re travelling. It’s not all that hard to build a DIY charger station around a plug socket, making it easy for guests to charge up their phones and other electronic devices – and to remember where they’ve plugged them in!

2. Sample Jar

Everyone’s been caught out by the liquids ban on flights at least once. Should this happen for your guests you can help by keeping any miniature product samples you have lying around in a jar with a note inviting them to help themselves. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated by a guest in need!

3. Set up a beverage station

If there’s one thing that jetlagged guests will be grateful for when they arrive at your property, it’s quick access to a comforting cup of their favourite hot drink. Set up a beverage station to help them feel welcome and get refreshed, equipped with mugs, tea, coffee and anything else you’d like to add to give it a personal touch.  

4. Provide a welcome basket

When you really want to make a good impression on your guests, play to the timeless human love of a good freebie. Welcome baskets don’t need to be over the top luxury hampers – simply a snack, a little bottle of body wash and a personalised welcome note is enough to show you’ve gone the extra mile to make them happy.  

5. Make the wifi password easy to find

The quickest way to a guest’s heart is by making their life easier. Instead of making them search through booking information or have to root around your property for the wifi password, place it somewhere that’s clearly visible. Some of the best we’ve seen in Airsorted host properties use a picture frame to display their wifi details – guests won’t be able to miss it and will appreciate the added convenience.  

6. Leave a personal welcome guide in your property

If there’s one thing that makes staying at an Airbnb special, it’s the chance to get under the skin of a city by living in someone’s property – a far cry from the one-size-fits-all experience of staying in many hotels. You can take this one step further for your guests by adding some of your own personality in the form of a welcome guide.

Whether it’s a laminated couple of pages or a more detailed printed guide they can take home with them, telling guests your favourite local haunts (especially if you let them in on a few hidden gems…) is a sure fire way to make their stay that bit more special, and get those 5-star reviews coming in in the process.  

7. Spare adapter

Ever gone on an overseas trip and forgotten your adapter? Of course you have: we all have! There’s no need for your guests start off their stay in a bad mood because they’ve had to buy a brand new plug adapter – have one or two universal adapters ready in the flat for them.

Just remember to make sure it’s clearly marked as yours, as they can be easy for guests to accidentally take home if not.

8. Set up a hometown world map for guests to contribute to

Airbnb’s logo, which they’ve named the Belo, brings to life their vision of a world where people can feel like they belong anywhere. To bring this inclusive vision of the world to life for guests, we’ve helped some of our hosts to set up a world map on a wall in their property where every guest who stays is invited to add a pin to show where they come from.

After a few guests have stayed, you start to see a rich variety of guests from all over the world adding pins. It creates a new interesting feature in your property, lets your guests know that you’re genuinely interested in them, and makes them feel part of something a little bigger. And best of all – doing this only costs the price of a world map.

The top 5 Perth neighbourhoods for Airbnb hosts

Perth is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Australia.

The stunning Swan River, with its famous black swans that give the river its name, cuts through the city, flanked by numerous riverside parks and picturesque views. Meanwhile, Kings Park and Botanic Garden – the largest inner-city park on earth – boasts views that take in the city, the river and South Perth. The city certainly has a lot to offer to both visitors and residents.

Demand for Airbnbs in Perth has been growing exponentially since it launched in 2016, so there’s no better time to list a home on the short-lets platform. In December 2018 alone, Airbnb hosts in Perth accommodated nearly 14,000 guests!

The way Perth is Sprawled along the West coast means that you’re never far from a glorious white sandy beach. However, this doesn’t mean the city is uniform – each Perth suburb has its own unique personality and offers something a little different to potential guests on Airbnb.

While every Airbnb property has its own charm, there are some neighbourhoods that stand out as perfect places to be an Airnbn host in Perth. Here are our top 5:

1. Scarborough

Located just 20 minutes from the City, Scarborough is perfect for a weekend escape.

With cool bars and restaurants lining the seafront you can enjoy a locally brewed beer or Aperol Spritz and watch the sunset. On Thursday evenings in the summer you can visit the Scarborough Sunset Markets and choose from cuisines from all over the world while watching live music at the amphitheatre on the beach.

As a result, the area is undeniably popular for visitors. Airbnbs in Scarborough are booked out 75% of the year, while hosts are raking in an average nightly rate of $164.

What’s more, the Scarborough Esplanade has recently undergone a $30 million revamp – it has never looked better!

2. Cottesloe

Perth’s most popular seaside location, with over a kilometre of stunning white sand beaches, Cottesloe offers incredible ocean views from the many restaurants and bars along Marine Parade.

The suburb has that wonderful small town feel, making it perfect for those looking to escape the city life, but with a return to the city only a short train ride, or 20 minute drive away.

As with Scarborough, Cottesloe’s Airbnb hosts have their home books out 75% of the year,  with nightly rates even higher – averaging over $230 in the area.

In March, guests can enjoy the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition on Cottesloe Beach all month, with sculptures by multiple artists displayed on the sand.

With everyone flocking to the gorgeous beaches to make the most of the Aussie sunshine, it’s the perfect time of year to get a property in Cottesloe listed on Airbnb, .

3. Subiaco

Subiaco, known locally as ‘Subi’, can be found just on the other side of King’s Park. It couldn’t be easier to get out and visit Subiaco from the city, just hop on a train from the city and Subi’s the next stop.

The neighbourhood has earned a reputation as Perth’s ‘urban village’, with tree-lined streets and beautiful, characterful homes. If you’re looking for cool boutiques, quirky wine bars and cosy coffee shops, Subi’s Rokeby Street is the place for you.

While there’s loads to see in Subiaco itself, it’s also a great base from which to explore Perth. In fact, Airbnb’s in Subiaco are booked out 80% of the time throughout the year, and Subi’s Airbnb hosts are earning an average of $150 a night from bookings.

4. South Perth

Sitting right on the south shore of the Swan River, South Perth has stunning views of the City.

Just 10 minutes from the main city, South Perth is easily accessible from train stations across Perth. Its popularity is clear – Airbnb hosts in South Perth are averaging $160 a night at their properties, with 70% of their available nights booked each year.  

Sir James Mitchell Park lines the water, and hosts numerous food stands for South Perth ‘StrEATS’ from Wednesday to Sunday evenings – a great place to grab something tasty to eat while watching the sun go down on one of the small riverside beaches.

South Perth is also home to Perth Zoo, an enormous 41-acre zoo with a range of experiences on offer, from bushwalking to exploring an Asian rainforest.

5. Fremantle

At the mouth of the Swan River, Fremantle (or ‘Freo’) is one of Perth’s more relaxed, bohemian areas, complete with cool indoor markets, colourful coffee shops and seafront bars and restaurants.

When wandering Fremantle’s streets, you can expect to see Victorian-style architecture and countless street performers. You can also enjoy a dip and a bite to eat at Bathers Beach.

Freo’s an ideal place to stay while visiting Perth. You can take a 30-minute ferry from the port town to Rottnest Island, home to the utterly unique quokka – a smaller relative of the kangaroo.  

With over 700 guests staying in Freo each month, Airbnb’s are booked an average of 70% of the year, and hosts in Fremantle make over $150 per night, on average.