How Houst Superhost Kay Turned An Empty Studio Into $2000 a Month

As a host, what do you value most?

  1. Is it making sure your guests experience an authentic visit in your city? No problem, let’s draft up a neighborhood guide together and leave goodies for your guests. 
  2. Is it making sure your neighbor friends stay neighbor friends? Fair enough, let’s make sure your listing states how quiet and homey your place is. Even better – let’s get your neighbor hosting too!
  3. Is it earning enough to travel and visit family? Let’s talk numbers – nightly rates and our custom pricing algorithm to start.

Is it all 3 of these? 

Well, if so, let’s talk about advice from our partnered Superhost in San Diego, Kay. 

Kay came to us nearly a year ago after learning that her neighbor friends were hosting with us – and loving it. With a detached studio only used for family and friends, Kay had the ultimate San Diego spot – in the heart of America’s finest city, no less. Within her first weeks, Kay was up and running and absolutely smashing the peak season’s occupancy and reviews.

What’s her secret?

  1. Clear communication

For instance, Kay takes care of things like making sure the trash and recycling are taken out the way her neighbors would want (as they share bins) or leaving treats for guests, while we handle the time intensive tasks. We cover things like making sure the place is in tip top shape for a same day check out and check in or answering guest inquiries.

“I would not want to do this without the backup and work of Houst… If I did this on my own, I would have to have a day or two between every booking.”

Want to hear more from our hosts? Check out some more of our host testimonials.

2. Sharing her expertise

When hosting with us, your home will have specifics that only you have expertise with. Sometimes our cleaners will need to give specific attention to certain appliances or areas that you know have needed work in the past. This is why Kay “makes friends with the cleaners so they know they can contact me if something needs extra work.” Being able to work through specifics like this together is what has helped Kay’s flawless Airbnb reputation so far. We don’t, however, want to give the impression that your most valuable asset – your time – will be used constantly communicating with us while hosting. 

We do all of the time consuming tasks like:

  •  vetting guests
  •  answering inquiries 24/7
  •  scheduling cleans
  •  taking care of damages
  •  opening claims on Airbnb
  •  basically all of the things that would tie you down instead of free you up

Kay’s last hosting trick?

3. Personal touches.

With the help of our hosts like Kay who know how essential “having a good manager to partner with who communicates with the hosts, the cleaning crew and troubleshoots’ is, we are lucky enough to work with hosts who go the extra mile, which yields higher reviews and thus, higher occupancy. We are passionate about hosting and love it when our hosts are too.

  “The personal touch from an owner is important and makes it more rewarding for me,” and this sure shows in her reviews:

So what does Kay do with all the free time she has from working with Houst?

When Kay isn’t going the extra mile, she’s traveling a few miles while using her additional income to visit her infant granddaughters in Washington DC and Durango, Colorado.

We are honored to host with people who free themselves up by working hard, but more importantly by working smart. People who open their homes in order to open opportunities, people like Kay. 

Does this sound like you, too? Give us a ring, we’re here when you need us!

“While overseas, I needed a trustworthy property management company. Airsorted has done that and more…”

In sunny San Diego, the Airsorted team have been busy launching and meeting local hosts from all walks of life. The city is known for being a relocation haven for people from all over the world. Whether it’s East Coasters escaping their cold winters, traveling nurses looking to work in some of the best hospitals in the US or international travellers looking to take in the SoCal life, San Diego is proudly called home by a multitude of people.

If there’s one group of people in San Diego who particularly appreciate the benefits of Airsorted’s hassle-free host management, it’s the servicemen and women stationed in various prestigious military bases located around the county.

Many military personnel use Airbnb to supplement their income while they’re out on deployment – and one such person in San Diego is Airsorted host Rob.

Originally from New York, Rob was the very first military serviceman to partner with Airsorted, after her was detailed to the USS Stout based in Norfolk, Virginia, for a two year period.

It was the military that had led to Rob’s initial move to San Diego, too. In 2016 he was stationed at Military Base San Diego, known locally as 32nd Street Naval Station – but he was quick to fall in love with the city: “I can proudly say San Diego is the first place I call home besides New York,” he explains.

With Rob’s adoption of San Diego came the responsibility for Airsorted to look after his home in the city with care and respect – along with the aim of helping him earn some extra income to supplement his military career, that would often lead to him spend long stints overseas.

Rob’s Airsorted journey began when searching for a steady full-time renter to rent out his home while on a 7-month deployment. “As I continued to research,” explains Rob, “I found that using Airsorted would be my most beneficial option, both financially and in regards to flexibility. While overseas, I needed a trustworthy property management company. Airsorted has done that and more.”

Initially, Rob had hosted his home on Airbnb, putting time into creating a unique and cozy experience for his guests. However, he found that the most challenging part of hosting was being able to give constant support to guests and guest inquiries, while also fulfilling his professional responsibilities serving overseas.

Fortunately, this was an easy fix when coming onboard with Airsorted. Our Guest Support team is available 24/7 to deal with guest emergencies and new booking inquiries and, thanks to the size and experience of the team, they’re able to do so quicker than either competitors or hosts responding to guests themselves.

In a few months, Rob will be returning home with some extra cash in the bank, and the confidence of knowing Airsorted has been taking good care of his home while he was away. He’ll be able to enjoy his next stint of work locally from Coronado, spending his free time relaxing on Mission Beach and scoring some good eats and drinks in Little Italy.

If you’re considering using Airsorted to help you manage your short-term rental property, here’s Rob’s final word on his decision to partner with us: “Host your home on Airsorted, sit back relax and get paid some extra cash. I have put my full trust into Airsorted and they have exceeded my expectations’.

“When we get off the plane, we return to a lovely clean tidy house with fresh beds made”

Patti and her family own a spacious 3 bedroom bungalow in Perth, just five minutes from the South Perth Foreshore. With Perth Zoo on the same road, the 1940’s Californian-style flat is an absolute dream house for guests with kids.

Every summer, Patti and her family head away for two months to visit family abroad. Airbnb seemed a great option for keeping the house occupied while they were away, so Patti started using the platform to rent out her home, initially managing the listing herself.

“Doing this was very satisfying,” says Patti, “but of course we could only set it up once – and we returned from our trip to a dirty house, which was never fun…”. That’s where Airsorted jumped in – allowing Patti to have multiple guests while she and her family went away. Having Airsorted managing the property also meant Patti no longer had the hassle that can come with managing a property yourself. “With Airsorted as the [guest] contact,” she says, “we don’t have to be available 24/7 to answer queries about the property. The house is cleaned and the linen replaced between guests so that the bookings can keep coming. Plus when we get off the plane, we return to a lovely clean tidy house with fresh beds made.’

Kid’s bedroom in Patti’s home

With Airsorted’s help, Patti and her family now spend the summer months deep in the wilderness on their beautiful boat, away from their phones and the bustle of city life – but with peace of mind, knowing that their home is in safe hands. “It’s very good to be receiving income from our house and not having to deal with the bookings, cleaning and queries as they come up”, Patti explains.

Patti’s and her family’s sailing boat

So what’s next for Patti? She and her family are embarking on a new adventure this year – they’re going to sail around New Zealand’s Southern and Northern Islands for a full six months! And of course, we’ll be here to look after her home and her guests while they’re away.

Front of Patti’s family house

If you’re not from Perth and considering a visit any time soon, Patti has some good recommendations for visitors: The new Optus Stadium sports ground, the Swan River for a nice stroll, rent and cycle a bike along the South Perth foreshore, take a trip on the Hotham Valley Railway, visit the Aviation Heritage Museum, or head to Crown Casino for a show and a meal.

“You won’t be able to do Airbnb… You can’t even make a bed properly!”

Lucy’s mum wasn’t convinced she’d handle being a host – until she teamed up with Airsorted that is!

Lucy was always interested in the idea of being an Airbnb host, but with seven children and working full time – it just didn’t feel like a realistic option. The idea of even more cleaning, laundry, and housework felt like a headache that she really didn’t need.

Then one day Lucy heard on the radio about Airsorted, and how we could take care of all of this for her.  After a chat to the Airsorted new homes team, she was booked in for an onboarding meeting with Rory, part of our client success team in Auckland. Less then a week later, Lucy’s listing was live, with professional photos and – even better – she’d already locked in her first guest booking!

Now only 4 months later, and Lucy is an Airbnb Superhost with a perfect 5-star rating, and a steady flow of bookings coming in.

She often has the same guests return again and again, drawn back (as one guest said in a review) by, a “fantastic location, spacious apartment and warm hospitality.”

Located at the base of Auckland’s Mount Eden, Lucy’s one-bedroom guest suite is the perfect base for visitors to Auckland.  Guests love the homely feel, but also the privacy of a separate entrance. Lucy likes to welcome guests who fancy the authentic Auckland experience to take her adorable dog, Frankie, for a walk up Mount Eden to enjoy panoramic views of the city.  

Inside Lucy’s home, the decor is a reflection of her own vibrant personality. Lovingly put together to showcase the things her family loves, art, music and beautiful plants decorate the space beautifully.

The extra income generated from having the property on Airbnb was very welcome over the expensive Christmas period. It’s also helped to fund Lucy’s daughter to go on an  ‘Outward Bound’ adventure experience, and the family is planning a holiday for all of them later this year.

Conoce a nuestra abogada políglota de Madrid: Diana

En Airsorted todos somos viajeros fanáticos, así que la oportunidad de viajar por trabajo parece la perfecta combinación entre oficio y placer.

Sin embargo, cuando hablamos con algunos de nuestros propietarios, que viajan asiduamente por trabajo, nos damos cuenta que esta forma de vida también cuenta con sus dificultades. Alojarte en un hotel o Airbnb, y no poder disfrutar de las comodidades de tu casa, no es algo sencllo. Esta tarea se convierte en más desafiente aún, cuando tienes que afrontar hipoteca y facturas mensualmente, y en este contexto, es donde los servicios de Airsorted cobran sentido.

Conoce a Diana, una abogada internacional, original de Madrid, que habla 4 idiomas: español, chino, francés, e inglés; y que pasa la mitad del año en Asia trabajando como abogada con clientes europeos.

Diana ya sabía lo que era ser una buena anfitriona cuando se unió a Airsorted, ya que manejaba ella sola el anuncio de su propiedad de manera muy eficiente, acumulando muchas evaluaciones positivas. En este sentido, Diana estaba un paso por delante de los propietarios que normalmente confían en Airsorted, pero cuando empezó a viajar más por cuestiones de trabajo, la tarea de gestionar los alquileres desde lejos se convirtió en algo inviable para ella.

Con bastantes reservas a sus espaldas, y habiendo recibido siempre en persona a todos sus huéspedes, Diana no estaba segura si la caja de seguridad iba a funcionar bien. Después de unos meses de uso, Diana está super contenta con este método, por la comididad y flexibilidad que supone no solo para ella, sino también para los huéspedes, y el equipo de limpieza.

Diana señaló, “es extraño que todo sigue funcionando como antes, pero ahora sin tener que inventir ni un solo minuto de mi tiempo”. Nuestra anfitriona abogada está particularmente agradecida con su account manager, Nacho, quien es su principal punto de contacto, y la persona que realmente le da la confianza para poder estar tranquila lejos de casa mientras viaja.

Y, ¿Qué es lo siguiente? Diana ya está pensando en comprar una nueva propiedad en Madrid, ya que para ella el sector inmobiliario es una de las formas de inversión más inteligentes en España. Así que el dinero extra que está consiguiendo por el alquiler de su piso, lo está ahorrando para reinvertirlo en futuros proyectos.

The multilingual lawyer and Airbnb host from Madrid: Meet Diana

We’re all travel enthusiasts at Airsorted, so the opportunity to travel for work sounds like the perfect combination of labour and leisure … and in most cases it is.

However, talking to hosts who travel frequently with their job, you come to realise that the experience isn’t always without its hassles. You’re living in a hotel or Airbnb and missing the comforts of your home that’s sitting idle. Sitting idle whilst you’re still having to pay your mortgage and bills… not ideal. That’s where Airsorted comes in.

Meet Diana, an International Lawyer from Madrid who speaks 4 languages – Chinese, Spanish, French and English. Diana spends half of the year in China – Hong Kong working as a lawyer with European customers.

Diana was not new to hosting when she signed up with Airsorted. With an existing listing and many positive reviews, Diana was one step ahead of most host’s who join us. However, as she started to travel more as a lawyer, the task of managing her home remotely was proving to be a challenge.

Diana had a few reservations before joining. Having managed meet and greet check in’s in the past, Diana was unsure about the safety of her keys being left in a lockbox when she joined Airsorted. However, her concerns were all answered in the initial sales call and she now loves this method and has seen how effective it is, pointing out how it ‘saves a great deal of time and guests seem to love the flexibility of checking in whenever they want’.

Diana advised ‘it’s odd that everything is still running, just like before, but only now I don’t have to do anything’. She’s particularly grateful for her account manager, Ignacio aka Nacho who is her main point of contact. Nacho’s personal approach to managing her home gives Diana comfort whilst she’s in Hong Kong.

So what’s next? Diana is already thinking of buying her next property in Madrid as she believes that the real estate sector is a smart way of investing in Spain. With the money she makes from hosting, she puts this aside every month for her future property projects.

View Diana’s Airbnb listing here.

The Madrid Local with a Unique Sense of Style: Meet Sergio

This week we introduce you to Sergio, one of the first hosts to join Airsorted in Spain, with his top performing property in Madrid’s lively La Latina barrio.

Sergio, Airsorted host in Madrid.

When hosts hand over the keys to their home, they’re trusting us with one of their most valuable possessions. Having designed and renovated his place from scratch, Sergio is no different. He wants every guest to enjoy an unforgettable stay in his home — and the apartment oozes style as a result. It’s one of our trendiest properties in Madrid, boasting exposed brick walls, a tasteful mix of vintage and state of the art furnishings, and even a (totally unique) open shower in the bedroom:

The unique in-bedroom shower area in Sergio’s apartment

Sergio’s home wasn’t intended for hosting when he bought it three years ago. As a Broadcast Sales Manager for prestigious clients like UEFA Champions League and Formula 1, after a few years of living in his newly renovated apartment, Sergio began to find himself spending more and more time away from home. It was at this point that he started to look for a solution to make the most out of his designer home when he was away.

Since joining Airsorted, Sergio has particularly impressed by the ongoing support he receives from the local Madrid team. Not only this, but he loves his personal Airsorted dashboard, which gives him full visibility over bookings, cleans and guests no matter where in the world he is.

Airsorted’s Madrid Team.
From left to right: Giulia Guerrero, Juan Arangio, Ignacio Parodi.

By putting his home on Airbnb, Sergio has been able to see firsthand how much guests appreciate his distinct sense of style. “The most rewarding part is reading all the positive reviews travellers write about the apartment which I decorated”, he explains.

The other side of the open plan bedroom in Sergio’s apartment.

A recent glowing guest review certainly supports this: “Sergio’s apartment was clean, modern and gorgeous. Plenty of space to relax, and the shower is truly incredible! The responses from Sergio’s team were always very quick, and accessing the apartment was super simple.”

The open plan living area in Sergio’s apartment.

So what’s next for Sergio?

In 2019, he’s planning a trip to Japan with the money he’s made from hosting his apartment with Airsorted. Not only does hosting pay his mortgage — but it also allows him to see more of the world!