A whole lot goes on behind the scenes to keep all our hosts’ properties running smoothly. Right at the centre of this is the Airsorted Housekeeping Team – they’re responsible for organising linen, laundry and of course cleaning in every host property after a guest has stayed.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without fantastic cleaners. In every city Airsorted operates, we find, train and incentivise committed cleaners to do the best job possible for our hosts. Guests arrive at a spotlessly clean property, but it’s unlikely that either a guest or a host will ever actually see the cleaner responsible…

To put an end to this, we’ve caught up with three of the champion cleaners that keep properties ship shape for Airsorted hosts and guests day in, day out:  

1. Liudmila, cleaning with Airsorted since March, 2017

One of the first cleaners to earn our coveted ‘Supercleaner’ status (awarded to cleaners who have an average clean rating of 4.8/5), Liudmila’s favourite thing about cleaning with Airsorted is the Housekeeping app.

Designed specially to make it easier for cleaners to plan and report on their cleans, the app puts all cleaning requests for Liudmila at her fingertips, allowing her the flexibility to manage her own schedule.

For example, Liudmila was recently able to book a holiday to visit her family in Moldova with the security of knowing that she can use the Housekeeping app to remotely accept cleaning jobs for when she returns. This means she’ll be able to return home with plenty of work lined up – and all conveniently listed in the app.

2. Zoltan, cleaning with Airsorted since November 2018

Based in London, Zoltan’s favourite thing about cleaning with Airsorted is getting to go and see different places across the city. His job brings him a lot of satisfaction, as he feels appreciated not only by the Housekeeping team at Airsorted, but also by the guests:

“I once went to the property that had a box of chocolates and flowers left for me. The guests wanted to say thank you to me for making them feel so welcome in London.”

3. Sarinya, cleaning with Airsorted since February 2017

With well over a thousand cleans under her belt, Sarinya (or ‘Puma’ as all her friends call her), is entirely deserving of her Experienced Cleaner status at Airsorted. She loves visiting new properties to clean, and draws a lot of inspiration from her visits:

“I go for walks alongside the canal with my husband, who’s an interior designer – we can talk for hours about the amazing interiors of some of the homes Airsorted manage.”
Puma’s also a keen cyclist, and likes being able to accept cleans at properties within her cycling distance. But it’s not just being able to choose which cleans to accept that she values… When she’s not cleaning properties for Airsorted hosts, Puma’s busy running her own business selling responsibly-sourced rice crackers! Cleaning with Airsorted gives her flexibility and extra income, allowing her to follow her passion and continue developing her own brand.

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