When you stay at a hotel, finding your way around is a non-issue. Hotel layouts are alarmingly similar, and a new guest can arrive knowing that it will be easy to find everything they need – from the bathroom to the hair dryer.

Airbnbs are often a breath of fresh air for travellers, with a unique feel to each new home they stay in. However, staying in someone’s home can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable, particularly while the guest finds their bearings.

Imagine arriving in a strange place, possibly after hours of gruelling travel, and not knowing where to find the shower room (not always so obvious after a 7hour redeye flight). The shyer traveller might be uncomfortable asking, so a little guidance can go a long way.

Some simple signs can add convenience and charm to your property, improving the guest experience without any major investment. The example below (from @cecetheceo) demonstrates how easy they can be to create. A hanging chalk sign can cost as little as £3.40 per piece (or less if you make your own) – and the benefit is you can keep changing it.

Source: Instagram (@cecetheceo)
Source: Instagram (@cecetheceo)

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